• Commercial Drain Cleaning

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  • Our Clients Include

    Top Notch provides excellent one-time and long-term commercial, industrial, and municipal drain and sewer services with unsurpassed expertise.


    We work with you to establish the contractor/sub-contractor relationship you desire. We understand the demands unique to commercial, industrial, and municipal customers, and we work to create a lasting professional relationship that satisfies both you and your clients. We take pride in our work, and our commitment to you.

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  • Our Equipment

    Top Notch Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Inc. uses high-tech and effective equipment to ensure your satisfaction and a job well done. In addition to heavy-duty trucks and vans, we operate the following highly efficient tools of the trade.

    Sewer Cable Machine

    Cleans pipes 2- to 8-inch diameter pipe, up to 300 feet.

    Small Cable Machine

    Cleans 1- to 3-inch diameter pipes, up to 200 feet.

    Inspection Camera

    Inspects 1.5- to 12-inch diameter pipe with digital recording capability.

    Pipe Locator

    Can locate 1.5- to 12-inch pipe, with 20-foot maximum depth.

    Hot Box Steamer

    Thaws ¾- to 48-inch diameter frozen pipes using water and steam to clear
    ice out of lines.

    Trailer Jetter

    Up to 500 feet of ½” hose at 18 gal./min., 4000 psi, and cleans 3- to 12-inch diameter pipes.

    Pump Truck

    Pumps sand, liquid, or any nonhazardous material.

    Truck Jetter

    Capable of running up to 1000 feet to clean 4- to 48-inch diameter pipe.

    Gas and Electric Jetters

    1000 psi to 3000 psi, up to 200 feet to clean ¾- to 4-inch diameter pipe; 2 to 8 gal./min. output.

    Garage sweeper

    High powered sweeper to power wash garage floors removing sand and debris

    Pump trailer​

    Low profile, high powered suction for pumping tanks/pits in garages or other spaces with limited access

    Grease Trap Trailer

    GTT 3K is a portable unit used to clean indoor grease traps