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    "They did an excellent job, and with the camera we could see that the line was totally clean after the job was completed." - Randy Hoff

  • What others say about Top Notch

    "Top Notch was recommended to us by a plumber that we work with. We were worried about finding someone after-hours for emergency service for the main line that was clogged.

    We called Top Notch and received a call back very quickly. Andy was very friendly and professional on the phone and was able to be over within an hour and a half of speaking with him. We were amazed that he was able to get there so quickly.

    He did a great job and explained the process well. Will recommend Top Notch to others and will definitely use again."

    - Kari Lindberg

    "The technician said he would be there between an hour to an hour and a half depending on how his next appointment went. I explained that I had no use of water until the main is cleared. He arrived, ready to go in just over 30 minutes. Very professional.
    Description of work:
    Emergency Sunday Morning sewer clean out. The cost was double time for Sunday, which I was okay with. I left a voice mail and received a call back in less then 20 minutes (outstanding compared to the competition that never called back. Several of them)."

    - Robin Tennant

    "Awesome work!"

    - Terry Luke

    "I would recommend this place for any plumbing needs. Our new family member kept clogging our toilets with excessive toilet paper, one day it became too much neither plunger nor snake helped. I called my friend Lyle, who owns Twin Cities Water and Sewer, and he said and quot;Top Notch is top notch. You should get the main drain scrubbed out - call them, they are the best.and quot;
    The gal on the phone was really responsive and cheerful that set up the appointment
    Gorge?, showed up early 7:45 for the 8:00 appointment. He was here about an hour using the thing push whatever, (roots, paper?) into the main sewer in the street. The guy was very polite and answered my barrage of questions with patience and courteousness. After hauling out his equipment, I asked Gorge to give a short friendly and quot;lectureand quot; (at my request) to our new son regarding putting paper towel, excessive TP... in the commode.
    I'll call this place again in a minute, if I have drain/toilet problems again."

    - David Beardsley

    "They came out right away to fix our sewage backup issue. They found roots in the pipe all the way out need the street and took care of it. Very professional and very nice to work with, I will use them again for general sewage maint. in the years to come."

    - Gretchen Faust

    "They were respectful and clean. They explained what the were doing and how we prevent it from
    happening again. They had after hours emergency service that is about $100 more per hour."

    - Alexa Enlow

    "Zach from their office arrived around 45 minutes after I called and checked the drain, then brought in a power auger to clear the blockage. Took about a hour, but it was cleared completely. He then cleaned the area around the drain before leaving. I was pleased with the quickness of response and getting the problem taken care of. Well done."

    - Thomas Schrunk

    "Andy was able to come same day, arrived on time, wore shoe covers, fixed everything and cleaned up afterwards. He was very professional and made sure everything was working properly when he was done."

    - Lauren Mcnamara

    "I was very pleased with the work that Joe, the technician, did to repair the problem plug. He made sure that the problem was solved before leaving the job. He did an outstanding job."

    - Lois Langholz

    "Cleaned out main drain plus kitchen & bathroom drains. It went quickly & smoothly. There were 2 guys. The second guy was being trained in and did as good, as effective a job as the trainer. Apparently, he was about to go solo. They were excellent & would hire them again in a heartbeat."

    - Sharon Kennedy

    "This is the second time I've used Top Notch Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc. and highly recommend them if you have a clog.
    In this case my kitchen sink backed up over the weekend. I spent a couple of hours attempting to clear the clog, including snaking the drain out 25 feet. Nothing worked, time to cal in the professionals.
    Andy ran a 1 1/4"" blade 50 feet two time hitting sludgy build up throughout, a clear indicator that I never had a chance. During the course of the visit we discussed preventive maintenance. Andy said that since I haven't owned the house very long he couldn't recommend a maintenance routine until we knew how often we have issue as this may be a once in a decade occurrence.
    In the future I will not hesitate in calling Top Notch Sewer & Drain Cleaning Inc. to clear my clogs."

    - Robert Nesterowich

    "Steve arrived on time, and got the work done quickly. We have had sewer back ups in the past from tree roots, and try to keep a regular schedule of having the main drain cleaned out for maintenance purposes. This is the first time we have used Top Notch, but we will use again. I think the price for this task is very reasonable."

    - Elizabeth Pauly

    "Called Top Notch Sewer &Drain at 8:30 am and Zac came out to the house at 11:45 am. In 40 minutes, he unclogged the blockage that was much deeper down in the pipe that runs along the outside wall of our home. The process is messy but Zac assured me that he would clean up everything and he did with clean towels. What impressed me the most was his knowledge; Zac explained the items that can cause a clog, what not to throw down a disposal unit and how to prevent future issues with our disposal and sink drain. I inquired about another sink that drained slow; Zac took the time to explain why we were having this issue and why it did not make sense to spend extra money. The problem had to do with venting that related to how water drains. Zac was professional, friendly, got right to work and as mentioned, knowledgeable. I will definitely use Top Notch again and ask for Zac."

    - VeNita Schnebele

    "Awesome! What an honest company. My drains in the basement were overflowing. Roto Rooter had come out, a month prior, and the pipes were backing up again. The plumber that came out explained that until I had a ''Y joint'' installed in the main pipe, I would be calling them out every month for the rest of my life. He insisted that I do this to ensure the pipes are cleaned as well as they should be. He recommended a company and I called and had it done. He was able to come back the afternoon that the other plumber left."

    - Rebecca Fritz

    "Zack came out very quickly and set up the drain auger. He answered all of our questions about what he was doing explaining every step, routine maintenance and prevention, and about whether or not the previous owners would have seen this or not. The most honest thing he did was clear the drain enough to get us to Monday so we would not have to continue paying weekend rates to clear the sewer out to street saving us a lot of money. I feel many companies would have continued to charge us double time for the whole job. I will be hiring them for my yearly drain maintenance and any other emergency sewer needs that may come up in the future. I highly recommend this company for their efficiency, professionalism, and honesty."

    - Misha Liang

    "I was doing laundry the other day when my son came upstairs to inform me that the basement was flooding. When I checked I found that the waste water from the laundry was coming up through the floor drain in the basement. I contacted another plumber that I have used in the past and when I explained the issue they told me that it sounded like a sewer or floor drain problem which they didn't work on. They referred me instead to Top Notch Sewer and Drain Cleaning as the company that they usually use for situations like this.
    I called Top Notch and and they were able to make an appointment for me very quickly later that afternoon. While I was back down in the basement using a wetvac to clean up the water I got a call from Jorge the technician who told me that he had finished early on another job and would I be available to him to come over right away? I told him to come over and he was here in a very short amount of time. Jorge was very friendly, polite and professional, he performed many tests on my drains to ascertain the problem and explained these to me while he was working so I wasn't confused about what was being done. He then cleared a very heavy grease clog from my drains and everything was back to normal again. Better in fact because now even the sinks in my basement are draining quicker then they used to. Jorge was fast, efficient and had all the right tools to get the job done, I thought $120.00 to have a non flooding basement was a pretty good price to pay."

    - Mark Schmidtke

    "Excellent, punctual, friendly service."

    - Dave Healy

    "Arrived promptly. Very professional. Cleaned up after himself. The drain was clear within an hour . No stalling around but got right to business. Friendly and knowledgeable. I'll be calling Top Notch for all my future plumbing problems. Very happy with the service and the cost was reasonable."

    - Ellen Bjork

    "Cleaned out basement floor drain. Went well. He was in and out in @ 30 min."

    - Ron House

    "Called on a Thursday afternoon and they were able to come out the next morning at 8:15am. The service took under an hour. Very professional and so far, it's worked!"

    - Kelli Theiler

    "Andy arrived within the 2 hour window and called about 20 minutes prior to arrival. He was professional, courteous, and answered all my questions. He performed a quick assessment and began snaking the pipes. Within 30 minutes both sinks were unclogged and I was back in business. He cleaned up after the job was done as well. I will not hesitate to call Top Notch back! Very happy with the work done and I feel the fees were very reasonable."

    - Con Tang